SFS-FH18-F-2 Laboratory Fume Hood

Category:Fume Hood

Product specifications:



Details :

Material: good quality galvanized steel(SECC) ,anti-rust; can choose stainless steel as material;

Powder coated;

Thickness: 1.0mm before powdercoated, can choose from 0.7~2.5mm;

Knocked down construction, partly assembled, easy to assemble;

With fan, air volume: 2000~2500 m3/H, utlitiy device( air, gas, water);

Can with gas switchs;

Can with water tank, tap;

Operation desk top material can be in Physicochemical board / expoxy resin / ceramics;

Sash door temperred glass 5mm;

Cabinets under fume hood can move out, to clear the bottom floor;

Power 220 V receptable, 50~60 Hz;


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