SFS-GM-08 lab bench



Details : Steel and wood structure experiment lab bench

1.Frame: use the cold rolling steel pipe processing made into I-shaped or back to the font structure, round and horizontal and vertical direction were the international cold rolling steel pipe connection, ensure the experiment console load-bearing and hydropower channel function, the chemistry of metal surface by pickling, phosphating, anti embroidered treatment, epoxy resin high voltage electrostatic powder foam spraying, guarantee steel does not rust corrosion. And connection piece is connected with the screw hole uses the rivet welding, after welding, the surface is smooth, no welding trace, supporting rack screws used in all standard anti rust steel screw connection, good corrosion resistance, closely with sturdy, load for a long time without deformation. According to the actual requirements of special structure adjustment function.

2.Table top: imported solid core physical and chemical board surface or domestic physical and chemical board surface, anti strong acid and alkali and a variety of organic reagents, scratch resistant performance is good.

3.Cabinet: wood substrate using high quality MDF, both sides sticking high grade melamine fireproof waterproof board. Drawer panel, door panel section using PVC waterproof edge sealing treatment; edge is firm, clean, burr free, straight lines, the joint anastomoses, with anti-corrosion, waterproof, fireproof and mothproof performance, beautiful and durable.

4.Anchor: the quality 12mm stainless steel and high-strength nylon composite anchor, nonskid shock-absorbing and height is adjustable, adjustable height 50mm, acid, alkali corrosion, bearing strong characteristics.

5. Handle: the use of the mountain PVC dark handle or aluminum alloy dark handle, with the drawer, the door panel in the same elevation, to ensure that the pumping surface, the door is not deformed, beautiful, practical and other functions.

6.Water pink: high density PP materials, strong corrosion resistance, smooth, no deformation.

7. Tap: laboratory dedicated thickened copper mould using single linkage water faucet valve with ceramic valve, surface is sprayed with epoxy resin, anti acid and anti alkali. Corrosion resistance, heat resistance, ultraviolet radiation.




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